In our contract assembly business, we source materials, assemble IT systems, and ship completed products on behalf of our OEM customers. The increase in interest expense, net was primarily the result of reduced interest income earned in the six months ended May 31, versus the six months ending May 31, Gross margin decreased to 4. Our Technology Solutions gross profit MiTAC International, established in , is a publicly held, original design manufacturing company based in Taiwan.

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These shares also may be resold in the public market pursuant corporatiion the volume, reporting and other. We expect that this expansion will require an initial investment in personnel, facilities and operations, which may be more costly than similar investments in domestic operations. A substantial portion of our IT systems operations, including our IT systems support and software development operations, are located in China.

The board of directors will be able to amend or modify the Stock Incentive Plan at any time, subject to any required stockholder approval. We believe that the combination of our broad array of services, our focus on servicing the leading IT OEMs and our stringent operating disciplines has enabled us to realize strong and expanding relationships with these OEMs and our reseller customers.

The following table sets forth, for the indicated periods, data as percentages of revenue: We distribute a full range of IT products, including IT systems, peripherals, system components, software and networking equipment for more than OEM suppliers, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions to our reseller customers.

Table of Contents Our OEM suppliers generally warrant the products we distribute and allow returns of defective products, including those returned to us by our reseller customers.


By leveraging the inventory management capabilities and system component corporatiin relationships of our distribution business, we provide cost-effective IT system contract assembly services.

Bonus allocations to all other employees are granted at our discretion. We cannot predict the impact of future exchange rate fluctuations on our business and operating results.

Other logistics services we provide include generation of customized shipping documents, multi-level serial number tracking corporahion customized, configured products and online order and shipment tracking. Our ability to obtain particular products in the required quantities and to fulfill reseller customer orders on a timely basis is critical to our success. We have not had any exit on disposal activities since the adoption of the standard. Silver Star Development Ltd.

Our reseller relationships provide an important sales channel for these OEMs to connect with small- mitad medium-sized businesses, government agencies and educational institutions that generally buy IT products through intermediaries.

Larocque is responsible for our North America distribution business.

Increased competition arising from industry consolidation and corporatuon demand for certain IT products may hinder our ability to maintain or improve our gross margins. We are 9552 time to time involved in legal proceedings in the ordinary course of business. Table of Contents There could be potential conflicts of interest between us and affiliates of MiTAC International, which could impact our business and operating results. Mon Jan 29 3: Fred Breidenbach 2 3.

Membership Level change You have selected the Paid Monthly membership level. The loss or deterioration of our relationships with a major OEM supplier, the authorization by OEM suppliers of additional distributors, the sale of products by OEM suppliers directly to our reseller customers and end users, or our failure to establish relationships with new OEM suppliers or to expand the distribution and supply chain services that we provide OEM suppliers could adversely affect our business.


MiTAC 9525 Drivers

We also have web-application software that allows our resellers or their end-user customers to order software and take delivery online. Being a full replacement for the classic desktops, they still have a significant cprporation — a lot of weight due to the use of high-end components and a massive cooling system.

Should an energy crisis occur again, it could harm our business and operating results. We may be unable to recover amounts lost due to recent incidents of theft.

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Sales of the accounts receivables to the financial institution under this program result in a reduction of total accounts receivable in our consolidated balance sheet. Prior to completion of this offering, the composition of our audit committee will meet the mitaf for independence under, and the functioning of our audit committee will comply with the requirements of, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ofthe current proposed rules of the New York Stock Exchange and SEC rules and corporatuon.

Sentiment Sections Exhibits Statistics Neutral Table of Contents assembly operations more efficient and provide visibility into all aspects of our operations.

We depend on IT and telecommunications systems for our operations. The decrease in the sale This joint sales effort enables cofporation to deliver complete design-to-delivery solutions for our OEM customers.