Konstantin Graudus plays the role of Klaus, and Egon Hoegen is the narrator. This page was last edited on 14 June , at The film is presented as a safety instruction video for forklift truck drivers and shows the first day of work for newly qualified forklift truck driver Klaus. Forums Silent Hunter Silent Hunter 4: Force it on them so they remember it better. I’ve actually left my box cutter on a pallet I’ve put up in the racking at work, thankfully the result wasn’t nearly this dramatic. No Solicitation of Votes or Views No asking for votes or sharing submission links on or off-site.

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They watched this on an episode of Best of fotklift Worst and it just about blew all their minds when they realized it was made in Milwaukee. Honestly though, this is pretty graphic and I can understand why some people wouldn’t want it forced on them in a professional setting. This includes raw formlift of fights and malicious violence. Retrieved from ” https: They just love gore and war.

They showed us this on our first day of culinary school. Maybe you’re right actually.

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I hadn’t seen this in like 17 years. Klsus Porn or Gore There are many other subreddits for such content. I work around ovens so I have different saftey regulations but I still laughed my ass off. In fact, they’re a-peeling him off the road. Originally posted by Hiriyu: This may also include contact information of public officials, businesses, or groups e.

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Imagine having a work safety video where everyone was naked.

I’ve actually left my box cutter on a pallet I’ve put up in the racking at work, thankfully the result wasn’t nearly this dramatic. If somebody tried to make that point in the school i went to, then they would either have been laughed at, ignored or simply asked not to come if it was such trucm big issue for her.

They even got a famous narrator to narrate the thing.

Meet Klaus the Forklift Truck driver, here. If you do run into somebody, you will just cut them off or break them at the shins. Those inoffensive PSAs are forgotten five minutes after you turn off the screen.

I suppose the last card I could try to draw would be nudity. You are free to offer your opinion respectfully, but comments or posts intended to demean a group, acontextual expressions of bigotry, and the pejorative use of slurs is disallowed.

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You should see the SFST videos too! Its because its so ridiculous that you remember it. Usually about 4 to 8 inches. Although the film is not officially part of the German training and education system for forklift trucksit is frequently shown by instructors to lighten the mood.

The murder capital of America. A real classic Especially the end is pure carnage. Say what you want about the video, but I sure as shit now know what to do and what not to do with a goddamn forklift.

Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job – Wikipedia

When reporting, please explain why you think it should be removed. No links to playlists or to channel pages. And it is available on DVD, too! Why did they let him stay!??

Telling other users to hurt or kill themselves in any form is against reddit TOS, and will earn you a permanent ban. Klaus must have had torklift premonition about their deaths. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work.