The notes from here to the bottom of the page are from the season. Installed it on Win XP Pro machine and it worked fine. If it does not work, then run this one instead: On Saturday when you get your kit follow the instructions below Existing Installation on this page: Some people recognize the icon.

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Does WindRiver need to be uninstalled and re-installed with the new cd?

2016 Software

In addition, its adjustable-angle shooter mechanism uses the nefarious one-point lever by using PIDs to counteract the force of gravity and hold the shooter at a steady angle. In addition, we used CANTalon driver controllers this year, and both magnetic and absolute encoders although you may have to dig through windrier commits for implementations of both.

It d epends if you want encoder value, potetiometer value, zeroed value, or something else. Uninstall the NI and WindRiver software. To be able to connect to the robot, the router must be running mdns bonjour also called zero-conf according to Phil. This year the NI updates have been reconfigured into a single standalone installer. National Instruments has made the update available for their tools. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


NI tools & Wind River Workbench update available (large downloads!) – FIRST Forums

Aug 23, – installed on FRC Nickel and updated the install notes. You also need python and maybe python3 I know python is necessary for downloading unless something else drags that in already.

It appears that they are using the tool for the season. When I ran it the first time, it took me to the Java download page and so Wlndriver installed Java.

Brian gave me the following command as I was trying to change code on the robot and needed to do a git update. Some people recognize the icon.

Each one has a number which starts at 1. This is generally between two commits, often different patch sets of the same change. Paste that into your linux terminal. Log in to gerrit and add your name and email address to your account.

The outstanding changes can be viewed on Gerrit here. Typeset in Arvo and Nobile. We changed this to “True”, rebooted, and the code started at boot time. These are useful for sharing work-in-progress code. The “-f” says to follow the log file as it is being generated.


Here is a snapshot of the vision code taken on January 4, I’ve updated the Vagrantfile to install the packages including bazel that Austin’s mentioned. Commits are commonly refererred to by their SHA1 hash, which is unique for each.


They say it is mandatory for all teams, as it contains updates for the Driver Station, cRIO imaging tool, and the camera config tool.

Here is a snapshot of our robot source code taken after the Championship Event May This will be our final posting of the source code.

It is local to your copy of the git project. Some people recognize the icon. Running the code on the robot. Building on a vagrant machine notes – From Austin. The code is written in java and features full control windrievr the elevator and shooter. Building the code requires setting up an appropriate environment, using sources contained in the team’s APT repository. The Bazel infrastructure doesn’t currently support all of the configurations the Gyp one does, which I’m working on.