It might be interesting to query the AP status at any time to see how it’s doing. It can be intermittent because the path your packets take to arrive to any destination on internet is not always the same dew to the necessity of fault tolerance. If you already run bind or dhcp server you probably know how to get them working for the AP anyway. Powered by Trac 0. Here’s is what my latest nethelper. Ok there is still some Wireless NICs that support hardware master mode but that’s 3 against all the rest I’m not going to bother going into any detail with those 3 exceptions, google is your friend if you want to insist in the hardware master mode way.

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Placa de Rede Atheros AR9485 (eth0, wlan0) Slackware

Unfortunately, iwconfig is unable to setup WPA2 encryption on its own. Their borders are hard to define, and multiple networks may overlap one another.

Table of Contents Wireless athegos. If you successfully configure all this, then Slackware will attempt to connect to your wireless network as soon as the system boots.

In case there are multiple packages where only the build number differs, then the package with the highest build number is the most recent and should be used. Compiling hostapd is really simple:.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Now, we will use it to configure wifi as well. You can actually leave it running from boot if you like or even run specific servers at your choice.


If you’ve gone so far you might want a neater way to deal with unplugging dongles as anything udev could possibly do would be too late. Welcome to the Slackware Documentation Project. Tectonically you’re not going to need this on a pure access point AP but it’s common that the AP also acts as router for your internet access, in this case you will need to configure your PPP link from your AP.

CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. Apart from renaming NICs and creating device files it can also execute commands or external helper scripts … this is particularly handy if, for example, you wish that upon plugging a USB Ethernet dongle it automatically assigns an address via DHCP. The block of text we’re interested in is the network block enclosed by curly braces.

All seemed fine but when I finally switched to the Pi I started getting plagued with unstable internet connection. Visit the following links: Slackware was not conceived to run with root mounted ro but with a little tinkering in the init scripts you can work around that problem. I’ve two means of doing so:.

Atheros Ar Slackware Driver – forfreepac

These are the things you have-to edit in wlan0. On an embedded atherow there are however some issues that you need to address: In terms of space you can fit all that’s required in Mb with a little careful stripping of unnecessary locales and documents. Anyone connecting to an access point will want to use managed mode. Most of them use pppoe protocol.

slackbook:wifi – SlackDocs

If all is fine and the configuration is OK it’s really simple: Here’s an example of one that recently gave me a headache over a long weekend after migrating from the seagate dockstar to RPi2. Remember that regardless of whether it’s a wired or wireless client: One possible approach is to use gpio pins with buttons attached to them and a script that monitors the button status and takes appropriate action when each button is pressed. BB code is On.


A network card that shows up as ath0 can not be setup with an IP address using the configuration files that are part of pre- Slackware Low end AP’s also support WEP, but there’s an issue with it’s implementation that makes it very vulnerable search wep vulnerability and read more about it or just believe me that even with an extremely low performance machine you can crack WEP keys.

Gostaria de saber como faco para iniciar as interfaces eth0 qtheros wlan0 junto ao sistema.

Be warned that the logger facility is not yet functional in the early boot stages so it may not log the interface startup at boot time. The old driver, also referred to as “madwifi-old”, still has some features that have not yet been ported to the “madwifi-ng” atherow.

When we discussed wired ethernet, each n in the variable corresponded with the n in eth n.