First of all, sorry I did not try the kernel that Joseph provided over a year ago, I’ve been traveling and not having my desktop computer close. Caveats Overwriting packaged files and adding unmanaged files by running sudo make install may break upgrades. Then it works, i get sound. I get this information from a week of Googling and experimenting. This is the first bug I try reporting using ubuntu-bug audio command, I hope the rest of information gathered got through!

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If you come up with something, let me know. May 28 ’16 at 8: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I tried every single suggested solution from older posts but still no luck. Having a problem logging in?

Bug # ” HDA-Intel -Realtek ALC Recording problem” : Bugs : alsa-driver package : Ubuntu

I expect both devices to save their previous output levels from last time i used it. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.


Debian wheezy comes with full-featured libav formerly ffmpeg libraries and frontends, including e. Funny enough for me in similar situation helps changing display resolution from x 16×9 to x 4×3. Okay, it seems like Canonical fixed the problem for us with one of their latest system updates! I did not use sound while the system was in quantal, so no idea if the bug was present there as well.


Just change the output volumes, and switch output on the same soundcard at “Sound” settings in Ubuntu I’m running debian wheezy 7. Thanks a lot for the bisect work.

Okay I think I need some help with my on-board audio device and Ubuntu Compiled on Aug 16 for kernel 2. Page History Login to edit. But this only fix correct name for device right?

Follow this hyperlink to section “Increasing very low microphone input” to see how to do it https: There is ms of delay between the “Expected sleep” line and “Loop” line, which is not normal.

I also tested a clean raring by booting it in mem from a pendrive. The output volume would still be the same. Node 0x10 [Audio Output] wcaps 0x Don’t know if you are still having issues with this, I experienced a similar problem on my mini PC. The issue is that Ubuntu This issue is about when sound suddenly stops to work, and does so for all output jacks.



I even tried installing the package from ubuntu-audio-dev, stil same problem That event window was opened by the Win XP soundcard driver when I plugged in the microphone. Download lihux text Raymond superquad-vortex2 wrote on The static noise doesn’t change.

Hi, I’ve made a special build in this PPA: Please refer to the official sound debugging guide and Ubuntu Audio Development team’s pages for more up-to-date information. Email me about changes to this bug report.